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Beaverhead Flat

Arizona ATV RideOne of our newest trails and areas to ride in! Don’t let the name of this trail fool you, it’s an interesting area and terrain for sure. This set of trails lets us ride sculpted mesas that are perfectly situated between Sedona and Camp Verde. Trails that allow you views to the south of the entire Mingus Mountain range and Verde Valley. To the north, the treasured Red Rocks of Sedona. A 360-degree view that is almost perfect! Almost, as it’s hard to tell what perfect is when you are in this area. There’s just so much beauty to be seen. The terrain is unique to this middle area as well, white rocks mixed with the desert tones lay the path we ride accompanied by the greens of the diverse desert scrub vegetation. The views & trails seriously are amazing!

About Us

Whether you are traveling from Phoenix, Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Camp Verde or Jerome, we’re in the center of it all and ready to share an adventure with you. Engulf yourself in the majestic beauty of our national forest lands, the Verde Valley, Verde River & the exquisite Red Rocks of Sedona on an Arizona Offroad Tours ride.

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